Sanctuary City is a city located on the East Coast of the United States of America.


Founded in 1644, legend states that the Sanctuary area was named by the first colonists ended up there after being shipwrecked during a storm on their way to America. Sanctuary soon developed as a prosperous harbour town, although it would be superceded by New York after it entered British territory in 1664. Despite being located in New Hampshire, much of the population of Sanctuary favoured the loyalist side during the American Revolution - a fact that lead to the city becoming even less favoured in the intervening years after the war. Now part of the independent United States, Sanctuary fell on hard times due to most of the City's income relying on the importing of goods from the Britain to the Americas, these hard times ended, however, with start of the Industrial Revolution in the US. Unwilling to allow an opportunity of that scale to pass by. Rebranding itself as "The City of Tomorrow", Sanctuary became an industrial hub. This period saw rapid growth for the city, including the foundation of what would become the Financial and Political districts of the city.

Sanctuary saw major redevelopment in the 1950s under the Mayor Jonathon Beauclair, a man famous for rising to prominence and wealth suddenly and mysteriously. Beauclair funded much of the redevelopment himself, an act that many of the elite of the city considered suspicious as before then, the man had never shown much care for the city. Beauclair would never live to see the completion of his ambitious project, however, as he was found murdered in his appartment in what was then known as Sanctuary Hills. Beauclair's plan saw Sanctuary reorganized into five major districts: The Financial District based on the backs of the river; Imperial Island, formerly known as the Palatial Island, based around the former governor's palace from the cities colonial days; The Political District based around the Mayor's office and home of the city park; Old Town, the location of the original site of Sanctuary and The Residential District, in which most of the buildings that had been built during Sanctuary's industrial boom were located. It was during this redevelopment that the UN set up an office in Sanctuary.

The UN office in Sanctuary would remain relatively unused until the Oppenheimer event in 2001. With the main UN building in New York being destroyed in the disaster, UN focus was shifted to the Sanctuary office to take its place. It was in the aftermath of the Oppenheimer Incident that the Senator of Utah William A. Broome, suggested the Haven Act, an Act which designated certain cities as "havens" - cities where Metahumans would be able to use their powers within the limits of the law.

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